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The online tool will allow adolescents and young people, especially men, to talk about topics such as emotions,
masculinity, couples and dating, inequality, among others.

May 06, 2020. Today, an online tool that establishes guided conversations between adolescents and young people was launched. The chatbot “Entre Nos” for its meaning in English “Between us”, is a platform through which adolescents (men and women), but especially men, will have conversations on topics of their daily lives: emotions, dating relationships, gender and masculinities.

Entre Nos is a platform that moves away from technical language to address topics of interest and develops in conversations close to people. Entre Nos will recreate a text message conversation using conversational software. People interact through already existing social networks; in this case, it has been developed with Facebook Messenger as it is a widely used platform in El Salvador. ( )

  Online conversation during tool presentation

Entre Nos is a idiomatic expression that conveys closeness between two or more people, and is usually used in a circle of trust when a secret needs to be kept or when a private conversation goes on.

The tool has been developed by UNFPA under the Spotlight Initiative, looking at  enhancing masculinities by deconstructing hegemonic maleness and thenceforth foster male’s involvement in the prevention of gender-based violence and gender equality. The structure of the Entre Nos Chatbot has had contributions of many organizations and groups of men who are committed to end violence against women, and have created through this process a network of Equity Weavers to support the Spotlight Initiative.

About the Spotlight Initiative

The Spotlight Initiative is a joint programme  funded by the European Union and the United Nations, aimed at eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls, and particularly feminicides in the context of Latin American.

The name of the initiative, Spotlight, reminds us that gender violence often takes place in the dark, as it is denied or hidden. Therefore, the Spotlight initiative seeks to position violence in everyone's eyes to draw the attention of society and particularly those responsible for making decisions about the consequences of gender inequality and, therefore, take accelerated steps to empower women and eliminate gender based violence..

The Initiative also highlights the importance of investing precisely in women and girls, as an essential condition for achieving the sustainable development goals in accordance with the 2030 Agenda.